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Star fragments that fell in the Egyptian desert

Star fragments that fell in the Egyptian desert

Scientists have published a study of the orbit of the star that erupted millions of years ago, according to “Le Parisien”.

In December 1996, Ali discovered a pebble in the middle of the Barakat Desert.Egypt. This Egyptian geologist was studying a rock called Libyan glass, which was born from a comet in present-day Egypt. Baptized Hypatia, this black stone is millions of years old. According to the review IcarusIt echoes Parisian On Monday, May 16, the famous piece comes from the eruption of a type Ia supernova star. This would be the first evidence of such an event being extremely rare on Earth (one or two per century and one galaxy).

This type of supernova is one of the most powerful phenomena in the universe. In May 2022, scientists at the University of Johannesburg published new findings of their study in the journal. Icarus. Already in 2013, they determined that the 3.5 cm pebble was actually an extraterrestrial origin. This latest release highlights the appearance of the star piece. As explained ParisianIt is born from the junction between one star and another star as large as the sun.

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The meeting of two stars

The union of the two stars would have created a huge explosion, which would have sown more gas atoms in the solar system. The combination of these atoms would form a dust cloud or “nebula”, which would then have turned to rock millions of years later. Hypothyroidism […] Read more

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