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Streaming Platform Twitch Hacked -

Streaming Platform Twitch Hacked –

Streaming platform Twitch has fallen victim to a major data theft. A stranger posted a data packet on the network, which, according to him, contains the entire programming code of the service.

Amazon affiliate confirmed unauthorized data access, but initially did not comment on the reliability of the content. They work hard to understand the scale, Twitch said on Twitter.

Twitch is mainly used by gamers to broadcast live the progress of video games. The site has created its own stars and it has a high audience. Published data also includes lists of alleged revenue of twitch streamers.

Dangerous effects?

However, above all, the exposure of the entire technical site can have dangerous consequences. “Since the source material has been leaked, it can be assumed that these are now being targeted by other cybercriminals,” said Rodger Trost from IT security firm F-Secure. “More hacks are expected to follow the platform,” he warned.

The leaked information about the income is obviously correct

The published data, among other things, showed a huge revenue gap between the most important Twitch streamers, some of whom earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, and less popular users. Many streamers confirmed that the leaked information about their earnings on Twitter was correct.

Internal software tools were released

The published program code also includes references to the yet-to-be-released competition service for the popular Steam gaming site and internal software tools used to simulate hacker attacks on Twitches. “Jeff Bezos paid $ 970 million for it,” the man behind the leak on the 4Chan platform wrote in a swipe to the Amazon boss. “It’s free with us.”

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