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Newly created: NordCourier application tells you what's happening in the region

Newly created: NordCourier application tells you what’s happening in the region

Our new Nordkurier processor is more user friendly without annoying advertising and with new features. The next siren alarm or blue light will tell you if you are wondering what is happening to you. If you wish, via the Bush announcement as well. With the new design, you can track what is important in your region wherever you are. Download now without obligation and for free:

Download for Apple iPhones and iPods
Download for Google Android devices

No annoying advertising

The focus in the application is on the locals, from Regen to Templin and from Tedrov to Lognits. In the NordCourier app you can read exclusive news, backgrounds and comments from your region in East McLenberg, West Pomerania and Uckmarg. And the best thing about it: you can expect a pleasant reading experience without annoying advertising.

Regional Bush announcements and read-aloud activity

If something particularly important happens, we will let you know immediately through the Bush announcement. You choose from which area you will receive notifications. We focus on what and how often we send it to your home screen. Because we don’t want to be annoyed. No time to look at the screen now? No problem, just listen to our articles with new reading activity.

Download it here for free for Apple iOS from the App Store
Download Google Android for free here on Play Store

This application is suitable for all generic smartphones and tablets running the operating system from iOS version 11 or Android version 5.

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Do you want to help us further improve the North Courier processor?

Your feedback is very important to us for further development of our application. That’s why we occasionally conduct surveys of our application and its functionality or invite you to personal user tests on the site. These provide important information for our product results.

Register now without obligation to our dedicated focus group. You will receive an invitation to a survey or user test by email once or twice a month, each time deciding for yourself whether you would like to participate. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

Sign up for the focus group here

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