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Store Store: The update you don't want to receive is here (photo)

Store Store: The update you don’t want to receive is here (photo)

Vincenzo Ronca

If we think about Google, we can think about it too Strange In some of its selections, you may want to look at the latest update released for it Game Store.

Images you see In the gallery Show Google’s new interface implemented in Play Store update: This is a Update of some matches, You can not find many in the Google Play Store. Google seems to have come up with some new graphics, but at the same time we used a weird reaction Complicating matters Users’ lives in a sense.

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The news is particularly concentrated in the section My apps and games: It had many before Categories, Like installed apps, only those in beta, shared and archived, can only see categories with the latest update Overview e Manage. Applications can only be categorized Installed e Do not install, And they are sorted by date or size.

In the overview section, it is possible to have an overview Checks made by Play Protect, மா That is no longer possible Easily accessible to all applications installed in the version Beta, They are difficult to access Shared.

The new Play Store interface is currently coming Some Android users, But receiving news does not depend on the development of the Play Store app. So, this is a distribution Via server, We do not know when or how the release will be completed. Let us know if it has already arrived in your area.

Via: Droid lifeSource: Reddit

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