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Stop the van and unload the garbage: “Pig” caught by cameras

“Patience is over – Mayor Pavlo Montagna says – by violating the rules, we will not give rest to those who damage our city’s environment and decoration.”

Pigs operating in Moncalieri: They arrive in a car or van and leave waste, believing they are too far away from prying eyes. Instead, the last episode was immortalized by a camera engine installed by the local police. The news was delivered by Mayor Paolo Montagna, who posted a law on his Facebook profile.

“This picture was taken recently by a video of our local police camera. We notice a man trying to escape by taking some items from the van and leaving them in an isolated area of ​​our city. Our agents, after receiving the video, will be fined up to யூ 3000 Investigations are underway to identify the dangerous person.

“Dropping waste is a shameful event because it degrades the environment in which we all live and we must protect it – the mayor says – cleaning up places is an additional expense for the community. Together with Councilor Giuseppe Messina, we decided to carry out the camera trap operation daily and widely: four cameras are available to our local police today, and in the coming months they will be deployed at all our key points.

“Patience is over – the mayor adds – by violating the rules, we will not give a chance to those who damage the environment and decoration of our city.”

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