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Apple Wipe Preview

Apple Wipe Preview

Set aside your brand new MacBook Pro, the most important innovation of the day / week / month / year / decade has arrived in the editorial office: Napkin! And for its flagship product at the end of the year (25 All the same), Apple keeps small dishes in large ones, which is actually determined by the large cardboard box around the box containing the product.

The packaging opens with a neat and traditional tab, revealing a one-time split. ” Polishing cloth Carefully folded.

The first surprise is that the fabric is much darker than Apple’s promotional images. A small box providing routine precautionary measures is hidden in the fold:

Safe for use on all Apple product screens and surfaces. To seldom clean hard stains, a 70% solution of isopropyl alcohol (AIP) can be used on nano-textured glass.

The fabric is surprisingly thick, and it is adorned with an elegant apple logo that will make your friends jealous of further cleaning their screens with “simple” microfiber cloths as they were in the Middle Ages. In terms of dimensions, you can confirm that the product is 16 x 16 cm and weighs 10.7 grams, Apple is careful not to mention His website. You can trust that we will uncover the truth.

Will she wipe well? The answer will come in the most thorough test of our future.

Notes are not resisted.
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