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Stiftung Warentest gives a clear verdict

Stiftung Warentest gives a clear verdict

Regardless of whether it is an iPhone or an Android cell phone, we have the best navigation system in our pockets today. But which navigation app is best for smartphones? The Stifting Warrant is currently giving a clear verdict on the solutions of Google, Apple and Co.

In the current issue of Internal Magazine (Issue 08/2021), The Stifting Warrant One A collection of Chat Now applications To the chest (source: Stifting Warrant). With fees, but also free offers Android And Apple’s iPhone (iOS). Which is definite, which has failed?

Stiftung Warentest: The best navigation application for Android and iOS …

In practice, the respective apps were installed on the OnePlus 7D and iPhone 11. Both offline maps and online object access applications were tested. Positive: There really are no real losers, Because all applications get certified good results. The only exception is the use of navigation from Osmond: it costs 8 euros a year and then reaches a satisfactory standard of only 2.7. All other test participants provide the best results through the series.

On Android, it wins with a 1.9 standard But not about Google Map, But something that can be charged before then Tom Tom Go Navigation. Tom Tom’s biggest plus point is the main discipline, i.e. the navigation itself. No other application can match this. However, when it comes to manipulation, Tom is left behind. Google Maps is catching up again, eventually coming in second with a 2.0 standard.

After all, Google Maps wins over the iPhone

Curiously, it turns out On top of that IPhone In the middle iOS Slightly different picture, Because neither Tom Tom Go Navigation nor Apple’s own map app won the gold medal. It goes together 1.9 on Google Maps These are all on the Apple cell phone. In second place, Apple (Maps), Sikjik (GPS Navigation) and Tom Tom (Go Navigation) both share good quality 2.0.

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We’ll show you a nice tip about Google Maps for Android usersm The following video:

Source: The most popular “Midmach-Navi-App” from Waze, users can manually send additional traffic information, among other things, and land in good midfield – enough for a 2.2 rating on both Android and. iOS.

One more look is exciting Data consumption of online solutions, At this point they are significantly different. If you want to save the amount of data to the mobile phone provider, you need to pay attention. The following values ​​were determined by Stiftung Warrantes during city travel over 11.5 km.

  • Google Map: 7.0 MB (Android), 9,9 MB (iOS)
  • Apple Cards: 5.3 MB (iOS)
  • Waze: 5.4 MB (Android), 2.2 MB (iOS)
  • Tom Tom Friend: 17.2 MB (Android), 29.1 MB (iOS)

Tom Tom’s free online navigation is particularly powerful, while Apple and Vase apps are particularly economical. Incidentally, the battery life is clear to all, all applications received the best rating and correspondingly demonstrated high tolerance.