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Découvrez comment télécharger un GIF sur Instagram étape par étape

Step by step find out how to upload GIF on Instagram

Start standing out on Instagram by uploading GIFs to your stories or posts, which is pretty easy.

Instagram is one of the most comprehensive social networks in terms of features and integration. Thanks to this, users have endless ways to express themselves with their friends and followers. For the same reason, we will explain today How to upload GIF to Instagram step by step. Is it so much easier than anyone can imagine?

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GIF lover? Well, we know how fun they are and how useful they can be in any kind of conversation. When you start using them on social networking sites like Instagram, you can get started Stand out from the crowd with each of your stories or posts.

How to upload GIF on Instagram

So step by step you can upload GIF on Instagram

Yes you like it Upload a GIF quickly and efficiently to Instagram, And then you have reached the indicated site. Below you will find a list of steps to complete this process, follow them and start using GIFs on this platform soon.

  • Since Instagram does not provide its own to keep GIFs, The first thing to do is install the GIPHY application. This can be done immediately by pressing the button below these lines.
  • Sign in to your GIPHY account Or create a new one.
  • Find everything you need to get a good GIF to post on Instagram (you can use the search bar to find a specific GIF).
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Download instagram gif

How to upload GIF on Instagram

  • Tap the stock icon, One with paper plane.
  • Of all the options offered by this application, Obviously you have to choose Instagram.
  • This time you have to choose if you want Add a GIF to your feed as a message or story.

It’s over! GIPHY will automatically convert this GIF, so you can post it On a different social network like Instagram. Undoubtedly, this will help you to create a change in this platform. Do it and get your friends group excited!

As you can see, the GIPHY app removes the hassle of manually converting your GIFs into videos, which is a simple solution for you. Turn your GIFs into MP4 files that can be uploaded directly to Instagram. This is an application that, if you use it wisely, will be the key to increasing the number of your followers.

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If you want to make money, check out this article on how to make money on Instagram even if you are not an influencer. Did you feel it? Instagram is a site that allows you to do some awesome things besides having a strong social component. So if you want Be the real king of InstagramMake sure you put into practice everything you read in this guide.

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