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Download MacOS Big Sur Beta and try it yourself now: here's how

Download MacOS Big Trap now; Here’s how

MacOS Big Sur is now available for download.

Screenshot Sarah Duo / CNET

Apple’s latest operating system MacOS Big Sur A free software update is now available for all users to download Compatible with your Mac. Includes major updates to the newly redesigned operating system Safari Web browser, and Updated maps And News Applications (some of which we have rounded up The best new MacOS Big Sur features and how to use them here).

MacOS Big Sur It was first revealed at Apple’s annual Global Developers Conference In June. A Virtual event On Nov. 10, Apple released New Mac computers Featuring Apple’s M1 chips Enables the latest version of Big Surin, which Optimized to run on these computers. The apps will run faster and smoother, Apple executives said during the event, and will also increase device security.

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MacOS Big Sur: Check out these 5 best new features now


How To Download And Install MacOS Big Trap

If you want to download MacOS Big Trap, follow these steps:

1. Backup your Mac, To be safe. You don’t want to risk losing everything when you upgrade.

2. Make sure you are running OS X 10.9 or later, and have 4GB of memory and 35.5GB of available storage.

3. On your Mac, go Or, go System Preferences> Software Update, And find the MacOS Big Sura. Either way, click Upgrade now. The download will start immediately, but may take a while – for my MacBook climb, it is estimated to take about an hour.

After downloading and installing the update and restarting your computer, you will run MacOS Big Sur.

A word of warning: some users Reported slow or failed downloads last week. But until Tuesday, Apple Computer Level Page The update is marked “Available”.

You can too Download iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 nowIf you have not already.

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Apple’s new M1 chip Magos Big is designed to be compact



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