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Steam Outreach is the biggest release of Square Enix - Nert 4. Life

Steam Outreach is the biggest release of Square Enix – Nert 4. Life

A little surprise, especially considering the publisher’s code and other names. Outer Riders Has so far The biggest release of Square Enix On the stage of the wolf. People Can Fly’s MMO shooter, in fact, recorded a peak of 111,953 contemporaries.

These are the best numbers, especially if it is considered a game, if everything is to go, a must Long support Over the years. The most interesting thing is that this figure is three times the Rise of the Tomb Rider, which achieved the previous record. Crystal Dynamics masterpiece reached 44,588 players.

Shadow The Tomb Rider with 38,268 players in third place and another Crystal Dynamics game in fourth place: Marvel Avengers. The action played by the Avengers not only stopped the MMO 31,165 players at once, but now it plays just 1463 people, down from 2.7-3.7 thousand in two games Laura Croft. The game is, moreover, single player.

The success of outreach on the system can be linked to any care People can fly The game did. GeForce RTX GPUs, in fact, run at a minimum of 1440b and 60 fps, with a 70% increase over 4K using DLSS.

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