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Bug d'invisibilité sur Warzone

Warson’s invisible bug returns to steroids

Players Call of Duty: Warson Again faced the famous invisible bug. It comes back after the Season 2 batch.

Invisible is not a new bug in Warson, the recurring bug is back. In Warsaw the players disappear again, which causes very unpleasant situations.

Many players relied Link Reloaded d Eliminate the most disgusting bugs of the season 2 game.

Unfortunately, the invisible record seems to have fallen through the cracks again.

It is not enough to try to play against Rose skins, this new bug makes Warson look like Hogwarts, exaggerating invisible clothing.


Warson players are increasingly frustrated with the “money to win” Rose skin.

Warson invisible bug will return after seasonal update

Despite reports of a bug in Warson games at the end of March, players hoped the reload would fix the connection issue. Unfortunately, it is found in one of the in streams its_iron The bug is still a problem after the upgrade and players will unjustly lose Warson matches.

Unlike most videos that show an error on the user page. This clip highlights the achievement from the victim’s point of view in the last circle of a match. Its_Iron and his team are in the final stages of the Warson game when the enemy player realizes that he is invisible.

Despite trying to crush the opponent, they could not find the invisible player and win the match. Despite this frustration, one could not have done it to face this feat.

It’s hard to imagine when these bugs will be removed from the game given how long they’ve been active.

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It is not clear if many of these players knew themselves to be invisible. This is definitely something that Warson’s developers want to explore and solve. Before it becomes a bigger issue than it was before.