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Steam - 5 million copies sold on

Steam – 5 million copies sold on

The sea of ​​thieves Travels continuously at full speed Steam, It recently surpassed 5 million copies sold As for the Valve Store, regardless of its presence on the Xbox and Microsoft Store consoles.

To celebrate this new milestone reached on Steam, Rare has decided to offer anyone who joins the game between 22 and 29 December 2021.Emotional special “Now all together”, Multiplayer and team collaboration are ideal for celebrating a game that is its cornerstone.

The results will be very interesting if you consider the fact that, like all first-party titles from Microsoft, the game is available on the table. Xbox Game Boss, So can play even without the need to buy, but apparently still rely on the large community of users who decided to buy it in a consistent manner on Steam.

As for the PC versions, this is a positive confirmation of Microsoft’s initiative to launch titles in its store and on Steam. The number of active players last updated in October topped 25 million.

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