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Pedro Lazio pulls off Azerby and Luis Alberto to finish Venice case: Serie A first goal for Ford 1-3

Pedro Lazio pulls off Azerby and Luis Alberto to finish Venice case: Serie A first goal for Ford 1-3

Lazio defeated travel disease and beat Venice 3-1 from the Olympic. At the end of the first round the three points that brought the blue and whites closer to the Uefa area were stopped with 17 points as they left Venice. A game that saw a variable first half, which ended in a draw, but in the second half of the game, the talent of the Lazio players emerged. Two ‘Gold’ goals, two in 3 ‘, determined the final result, which ended with Louis Alberto’s record when the time was up.

He immediately hits Lazio with a percussion instrument from Petro taking the ball in midfield, going forward, taking the ball to the left, focusing and physically knocking Caldera out. Just one more step before he could kick from the bottom, the ball slipped where Romero had arrived late. The “false tip” of the sari hit the trident immediately, and Lazio stopped the ball in the game against Venice, who did not appear to be on the field with the right mindset. However, even at 5 ‘, the pools show regularity. Lazio will bring the Orange-Blacks back into the game with order, calm and stubbornness if they try to cover the gaps well, in an orderly manner, with high pressure blocking the game from behind Venice. To see the draw of the pools is 30 ‘: Cain retrieves the ball, lands on the arrow, he sees Aramu freely on the right, the playmaker brushes to the left, it kisses the forehead of the Roman castle, and bends himself. Unnatural pose, until the stragosa goes right into the bag where it cannot be reached. Benzo turns into a pedal, 2 ‘before this, from Securoni’s bloody ballot, Felipe Anderson runs fast towards the edge of the area and disappears. In fact, the Lazio trident fails to cross Caldara, and he rescues and saves Venice.

The second part of the game sees Venice, which offers little or nothing, in fact already catches the very cut, lagoon extreme defender in the 3 ‘corner of Cataldi. Unripe. From there the intensity of both teams decreases, Lazio remains the masters of the field and with the changes does not leave much room for Venice. Minutes are over, at the end of regulatory time Venice is unbalanced and Luis Alberto offers the best chances between the existing lines on the wall. He picks up the ball, Milinkovic Savic lands on the right, he finishes in a-two, the Spaniard pulls his chest and kicks it to fly to center, Romero is not there: 3-1. Two minutes ago, in midfield, Venice lost to Desmond due to a foul, a straight red, while 85 ‘Aserbie, injured, was forced to be on the field as the first striker.’ With the team. Desman was expelled.