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Malware Attached: Fake Fritzbox emails in circulation

Malware Attached: Fake Fritzbox emails in circulation

Berlin Anyone who uses the phone with the answering machine function and automatic email notification on the Fritzbox router should be alert when using them. Fritzbox manufacturer AVM warns that attackers are currently sending fake Fritzbox notifications linked to malware.

Anyone who has not used the responsive machine notification service (“FRITZ! Box Push Service E-Mail”), or who has never activated it in router settings, has no choice but to delete it without looking at the email. in it. Under no circumstances should you click on links or open links out of curiosity.

What do I do when I use the notification service?

However, if you use the notification service, AVM recommends the following steps to verify that the mail is genuine or counterfeit:

First, when enabling the service in Fritzbox settings under “System / Push Service” you should verify that the sender’s email address is actually the one you set up. Additionally, the phone number specified in the mail notification must match one of the phone numbers you set in Fritzbox. Last but not least, the file extension in the link must be “.wav” so it must be clearly identified as an audio file.

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