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Staying with Nencini Conte of the Italian Viva Group unloads Renzi

Staying with Nencini Conte of the Italian Viva Group unloads Renzi

After the resignations of Italian Ministers Viva Theresa Bellanova and Elena Bonetti and Deputy Secretary-General Evan Scalfrotto, the Renzi recorded their first mistake: it was a socialist senator Ricardo Nencini And Secretary of the Italian Socialist Party Enzo Marayo (All the latest news about the government crisis here).

Nensini A senator, so his votes will be very important to the majority in Palazzo Madama, and who he is “Lent” symbol for the Italian wedding, Allowing Renzi to have an autonomous committee in the Senate (this is precisely what is called the Sy-Italia Viva).

The new regulation of the Palazzo Madame, in fact, prohibits the constitution during the assembly of groups that do not present themselves to politics. So now, if Nencini offers other “builders” willing to support the government the opportunity to form an autonomous group, Renzi may be forced Go to Mixed Group. But Nencini is also unsure whether he wants to take action, and he may restrict himself to voting on dissent from the committee in favor of the government.

Nencini and Mario are with Conte: Joint Note

“Anyone with more responsibilities is called upon to escape the logic of the Toulists and use them by keeping to the call of the Republican president,” the text reads. “We are one of the builders. If we have a central right run by Berlusconi, the ideal will be to be the administrator of the rebirth from today until the end of the legislature. The laying of the foundations of New Italy, as had happened between 1944 and 1947, relied on the later electoral challenge. This is not the case, and Salvini and Meloni do not praise Trump and consider Europe a dangerous accident. ”

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“This is not the time to step into a terra crypt,” the note continues. “Not with an epidemic that has killed 80,000 people, not with the manufacturing sector on the ropes, not with rising unemployment, not with closed schools. The Socialists will vote next week at budget intervals to provide new relief to the large sectors of the economy cut off by the epidemic.”

“It’s useless to cover up,” the Socialists conclude, “the government crisis exists and must be dealt with decisively and without allocating time in between. These are the hours of apartment dwellers. Place Parliament in the center Use these few hours to go up to Guernail to check if conditions exist Forms an organic majority Within a specific political framework. Without the illusions of the involvement of the radical right, with the determination to rebuild a bad political structure, and without imagining temporary solutions for each group of individuals involved. ”

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