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State of Survival APK, Can it be installed on Android and iOS?  - Breakflip

State of Survival APK, Can it be installed on Android and iOS? – Breakflip

State of Survival exists in some countries and the APKs have already been uploaded, but can they be downloaded? We will answer you.

Survival status Currently available on iOS and Android in many countries. However, some people wonder if it is possible to run it using the APK system. If you have a compatible device, you can download it for free in France on the App Store and Play Store platforms to run it.

Some people see this because the game is now on iOS and Android Download the APK version However, since APKs are generally not recognized by the rules of mobile games, we strongly advise against doing so. FunPlus, the game’s publisher, is no exception, as we will explain in the rest of this article.

Do not download Survival Status in APK version

Some players are wondering if State of Survival can be downloaded in APK version on iOS and Android. If this is your case, There is no better answer for Android than iOS. Game developers are not directly involved in this matter, but generally strongly encourage the use of APKs.

If you want to play State of Survival, go straight Google Games Where App Store Depending on the site associated with your smartphone or tablet. Of course, we remind you that the game is available in France, so while respecting the general terms of use, we advise you to download it directly to fully enjoy it.

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