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Start with the Surface Dio 2: Microsoft is technically reviewing its copy

Start with the Surface Dio 2: Microsoft is technically reviewing its copy


With full-size computers Surface.

Microsoft’s surface duo, formalized in late 2020 and launched in France in early 2021, has not left us with lingering memories (read us Test Microsoft Surface Dio) The smartphone, with two old screens and a hinged hinge, was designed for productivity but was punished by its complex handling, a software part not really compatible, but a lack of 5G and a disappointing photo component. However, the US company believes that its Android smartphone, Windows Phone is lying dead, and will return with the second version of the device.

Shown just before its scheduled release on October 21st, this device is very similar to its predecessor. We went into detail Its technical paper in this article, And two screens of 5.3 inches (8.8 inches total 2688 x 1892 px per advertised area), a Chipset Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 (5G compatible), 8GB of RAM and a 4,449mAh battery – much higher than the first Surface Duo’s 3,577mAh.

Microsoft Surface Dio2

Ergonomics maintained

When closed, the Surface Double 2 looks like a surface Duo with its USB-C port slightly moved. Its dimensions are similar (145.2 x 92.1 x 11 mm vs. 145.2 x 93.3 x 9.9 mm), which means that the device is very impressive when folded: it is difficult to use with one hand on a width. So, keep in mind that its hinge allows the smartphone to be opened up to 360.

Microsoft Surface Dio2

The photo unit of the Surface Duo 2 is particularly elongated.

On closer inspection, there are other differences found on its hinge side. It’s actually refined, and the tiles in the center of this smartphone-tablet are now curved. It’s even harder to say that the cut between the two panels is invisible and makes for a full real 8.3-inch screen, but the border dual surface is much smarter than the dual.

Microsoft Surface Dio2

Curved screens to reduce the “cut” effect

Small invention to remember: when the Duo 2 is folded, its curved slab is slightly visible from the outside. So Microsoft has chosen to display some information (time, notification, charge level when inserted) on the edge of the device. In the rest, except for launching under Android 11, the ergonomics of the smartphone seem to be preserved. If the dual screen is interesting to display, for example, a mailbox, a cut will be visible if you try to show a video in full screen. Finally, we would like to add that the Surface Duo 2 is compatible with styles that we could not attempt, and that its three rear photo module replaces the Surface Duo’s single sensor, suggesting greater diversity in this regard.

Microsoft Surface Dio2

Those interested can try Surface Double 2 from October 21st. They have to pay 1599 pay for its 128GB version. Microsoft will charge its 256GB model for 1699, and will also offer the 512GB version, a little more expensive.

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