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Start menu and taskbar broken ... due to an ad

Start menu and taskbar broken … due to an ad

Microsoft released the update last Thursday 22000.176 Within the beta channel Windows 11 for members of its Insiders program. Unfortunately for the testers, not everything went as planned.

When they restarted their computer, the Windows 11 wallpaper was currently responding, but the Start menu and taskbar were not subscribed. The only solution for insiders is to navigate to the OS using the Task Manager and Command Prompt.

Advertising for the teams that caused the problem

However, Microsoft responded quickly. On His blog, Redmond noted that the company was working to fix the bug, while calling for some manipulation to fix the problem. Microsoft did not provide details on the cause of the concern and explained that this was due to an inconvenience on the server side at the time the update was used.

The reason is really completely different. Daniel Alexandersen, developer and blogger, analyzed the problem and identified the cause. Microsoft breaks Windows 11 start menu and taskbar.

Find out more in the video:

How can a simple ad bring Windows 11 to its knees? Quite simply Microsoft’s OS has many components that make downloading online content fly while it works. In this particular case, the problem related to downloading the ad of Windows 11 crash teams is enough.

Proof : ctrl-blog

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