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Stars, planets, galaxies ... how to use it more?

Stars, planets, galaxies … how to use it more?

NUITS DES ETOILES – This is the last day to enjoy the 31st edition of Nuit des étoiles! Astronomy enthusiasts or enthusiasts, go for it. Information below.

[Mis à jour le 8 août 2021 à 16h08] It’s almost over! Since August 6, the 31st edition of the Night of the Stars has allowed several events to be observed. It will end on Sunday evening. However, it is not too late to enjoy the show and try to observe the stars, planets or even the Milky Way. “This year, we’re lucky to have a new moon (…) in early August. Thursday, Very easily visible, and Venus at the beginning of the line, “Olivier Los Vergnas, president of the French Astronomical Society, told Europe 1.

After sunset, the three planets are particularly visible. From 9:30 pm to 10:30 pm, Futura Sciences indicates that Venus will be the brightest star in the sky. Be on time to not miss! As soon as the first planet leaves the path, Saturn and Jupiter will come and dance in the sky, first very close to the horizon, and then rise slightly at midnight. Many shooting stars can pass. Finally, the stars will be there too.

The News des Etoile took place over 3 days, Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and 8th August 2021. Since 1991, the Night of the Stars has been organized France, And by associations in many European countries, in particularFrench Astronomical Society. They are famous astronomers or scientists Hubert Reeves Or Alain Ciro, along with France 2, started the show. Additional information about Official website of the French Astronomical Society.

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A moment to live in that moment School holidays ! The Night of the Shooting Stars had a single title, and when it was created in 1991, the event lasted only one day. But it has become plural: the event has been extended to 3 consecutive nights since the 2000 edition of “Les Nuits des Etoile”. Observations in France also help observe the planets Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. As the meteor shower of Perseid. These stars come from the constellation Perseus. They are found below the W-shaped constellation Cassiopeia.

To improve your chances of seeing the stars, it is best to stay away from sources of light pollution such as urban lighting. The stars can be seen from 10pm onwards. If the horizon is clear towards the northwest at sunset, you will not miss anything. Even more so if you have a telescope or binoculars.

Every year, the earth passes by Pericides. It’s a meteorite cluster of ancient planets: Swift Dutt. Their mass ranges from a thorny head … to a pea! By interacting with the Earth’s atmosphere, these little rocks offer a wonderful landscape: shooting stars. Perseid Shooting Star Rain will take place from Wednesday night, August 12 to Thursday, August 13, 2020.

Pericid meteor shower. © Pere Sans – 123RF

The Rain of Percussion shooting stars Held this year, Thursday night from 12 to Friday 13 August 2021. On this exceptional night, at sunset, a hundred shooting stars are visible after 10 p.m. If this is the peak of activity, the stars can be seen in the sky during the period from Wednesday, July 14 to Tuesday, August 24, 2021.