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Starling threatens to cut off the internet to subscribers who rob movies

Starling does not allow its subscribers to illegally download movies and series from pirate sites. As with other ISPs, SpaceX’s satellite service requires users to comply with applicable law. Elon Musk threatens to reduce Internet access for individuals who use their links to rob copyrighted content.

Credit: Fonandroid

Its website, Starling, claims that SpaceX’s high-speed satellite Internet access could lead to repeated copyright infringement. The end of the subscription. “SpaceX respects the intellectual property rights of others. You may not store any material or use the Services or Starling Kit, which infringes on the intellectual property rights of others, for example, under copyright law. ” Explains Starling’s D&C.

This is not really surprising, All ISPs have the right to suspend their clients’ Internet connection In case of clear violation of the law. These clauses should protect Internet Service Providers in a way that prevents rights holders from turning against them.

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SpaceX does not tolerate hacking via Starling

Nevertheless, a Reddit user known as “Foot Mole-97” wanted to see if SpaceX was really going to make its threats. To confirm, the Internet user started disabling his VPN Illegally download torrent movies from pirate sites. He explains that he downloaded pirate movies without protection for two months before he was rescued “CBS Show” On a torrent site. According to him, it was downloading this product that prompted Starling to react.

Elon Musk’s company warns subscribers living on US soil to contact: could lead to illegal download Will block its satellite connection. “We urge you and / or others who use your Starling service to refrain from illegally downloading copyrighted content. Downloading copyrighted content without a license may suspend or terminate your account Describes the email received by the hacker. On this page, Starling is not very different from other Internet service providers.

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