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Photographed the rocket's phase in an uncontrolled fall - space and astronomy

Photographed the rocket’s phase in an uncontrolled fall – space and astronomy

The first photo of the main stage of the Chinese rocket “Long March 5B” has arrived, which brought the first batch of the Chinese space station Tianhe-1 into orbit on April 29, and now it has landed uncontrollably towards Earth. It was taken by astronomer Gianluca Masi, the leader of the virtual telescope, and this time it was the only image obtained with a powerful telescope.

Meanwhile, new calculations were able to reduce the uncertainty margin on the return time of the Lunga Marcia 5B to 9 hours. The most up-to-date calculation, based on data from the North American Space Defense Command (NORAT) and provided by the space website, currently refers to re-entry into the atmosphere at 01:13 Italian time on May 9th. : The appointed time for further change over the next few hours by gradually reducing the uncertainty margin.

It is possible to get a photo of one of the robot telescopes of the virtual telescope program installed on the Secon (Frosinone). “This tool aimed the rocket at the stars and when it moved too fast: the company – watching Macy – thanks to advanced technologies implemented in the fully automated equipment of the virtual telescope program, the world in this unique configuration”. Using the same technology, the astronomer arranged for a direct observation of a passage of space destruction starting at 4.20 am on May 8th.

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