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Find the official photos of the smartphone

Following the appearance of OnePlus 9 as an official offering of colors, OnePlus boss Pete Lowe has uploaded the first official photos of OnePlus 9. So we invite you to discover the six official colors of the smartphone first images of the advertising campaign.

In New releases of OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro It has come out through the Twitter account of the highly informed Ishaan Arkaval. Brilliant colors (black, silver and green) since last week’s discovery, Ishan Arkawal makes us find out Three new colors are Stellar Black (Matte Black), Arctic Sky (Sky Blue) and Winter Mist (Light Purple) :

OnePlus 9 colors are black, blue and purple
Credit: via Twitter by Ishan Arka

Thanks to the photos of the smartphone segment, we immediately notice a detail. In the first three models there is no mark indicating the location of the antennas on the chassis, These apply to the following three smartphones. The frame antennas use metal to block the mark waves. Conversely, if these scores disappear, this means that OnePlus would have undoubtedly chosen a product with a lower premium, but transparent to the waves.

Precisely one of these items Polycarbonate, A plastic that is still widely used in mid-range smartphones. Not only is it cheaper to manufacture and integrate, it is also polycarbonate Much stronger than glass and does not break, Which ensures longevity. So we assume that the matte black, silver and green colors will be exclusive to the Pro models, while the others will be assigned to the base OnePlus 9.

OnePlus 9 color black silver green
Credits: via Isham Arka via Twitter

Also, Ishan Arkawal explains it The OnePlus 9 has a completely flat screen, while the Pro models have slightly curved edges.. OnePlus 9 is expected to be offered at an online event on March 23, 2021. The base model is expected to send a 6.5 ″ 120Hz AMOLED FHD + screen, while the Pro model will have a larger 6.67 screen with the same refresh rate.

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Both devices Will be the first under Snapdragon 888 – and up to 12GB LPDTR 5 RAM and up to 256GB internal storage. OnePlus wants to shine in this year’s photos thanks to its new partnership with Hasselpot. The OnePlus 9 should carry two 45MP sensors in its core module. OnePlus 9 will have four + 48 + 50 + 8 + 2 MB module.

Shortly after the leak was published online, the brand’s CEO Pete Laugh uploaded a series of official photos, which will be part of the first promotional campaign: