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Starfield: Bethesda's new license should not be issued until the end of 2022 - Speaker's statement

Starfield: Bethesda’s new license should not be issued until the end of 2022 – Speaker’s statement

Lowering the hopes of some who would incorporate themselves into Todd Howard’s cosmic visions in the early part of Christmas, the highly-informed Jason Schreier took to Twitter to announce that the science fiction RPG announced at E3 2018 is unlikely to be released this year as Bethesda is currently aiming to launch in the second half of 2022. “People did not realize that most of the Bethesda game studios were in operation until they were launched in Pallwood 76. The Starfield team was very small until 2019. The rumors that this game is planned for 2020 are simply false“, To explain Bloomberg Reporter.

He and other intellectual sources say so Starfield Will be in the program Of E3 2021, which will logically combine Xbox Game Studios games and Bethesda games into a single show as part of a conference, confirmed by Matt Locke on the microphone Figaro. We note that Bethesda has held its own conferences since E3 2015, particularly revealing Fallout4 A few months before the release in November of the same year.

Revealing a game shortly before release Bethesda originally planned to do just that. Starfield As stated by Todd Howard in November 2020. He believes that plans have changed since the acquisition of Microsoft and that Xbox management is in a hurry, according to journalist Jeff Group. An Xbox and PC will be exclusive, Even though Bill Spencer left the door ajar announcing that Bethesda games on other consoles could be released on a case-by-case basis.

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