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The number of malware on the Mac is "unacceptable," says Apple vice president

The number of malware on the Mac is “unacceptable,” says Apple vice president

In front of an apple shop. (Drawing) – Norikasu Tadeshi / Abi / Siba

Does Craig Federky want to damage the reputation of his own business? On Wednesday, Apple’s vice president in charge of software reported that MacOS, the operating system for Mac computers, had become more vulnerable. Bloomberg.

“Today we have a lot of malware on the Max that we consider unacceptable,” said Craig Federji. Stain has been one of Apple’s selling points for many years, with the best protection its computers provide and the low number of viruses targeting these devices.

Protect iOS at all costs

The chairman spoke in the context of the lawsuits between Apple and Epic Games. The US company has accused iPhone users of preventing them from downloading “Fortnight” from a source other than the App Store. 01 Net.

So Craig Federichi’s idea is not to criticize his own computers, but to promote iOS. The operating system of the iPhone and iPad runs in isolation, and applications can only be downloaded from the App Store, which is responsible for verifying their authenticity and security.

Apple is more reliable than Windows and Android

This is not the case with Macs where users can download any software or application from the web. It is highly vulnerable to malware and attacks. So Apple’s vice president simply tried to protect the iOS model so that US justice would not force the company to open its operating system, which would cause a “major drop in security” for users.

A few hours after his speech, Craig Federici returned to his comments, adding that MacOS is more secure than Windows. Apple executives also had the opportunity to deal with Android, which is the target of frequent attacks from hackers.

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