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Ford asked to download the COVID warning app

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Ontario is ordering 26,000 government employees to download the COVID alert app on their government phones.

“Because as government employees, we work for you,” Ford said Thursday. “Those government cell phones, they are your property … we can lead by example.”

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Ford said the app, which has been downloaded nearly 4.5 million times nationwide, was developed by Shopify, BlackBerry and Ontario digital services in the province.

The app alerts the user if there is a close relationship with the verified case.

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The alert is based on users who have a positive test to input that information.
Ford said it does not collect or store personal information.

“You look at it and forget,” he said.

The province said it was encouraging residents of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan to download the app, as well as several large companies such as Bell Canada, Postmedia and CIBC.

Other organizations on the board include the Canadian Armed Forces and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

The app is available for free Apple And Google Play App stores.

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