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StarCraft 2, the champion of our Rainer Intel Extreme Masters

StarCraft 2, the champion of our Rainer Intel Extreme Masters

After several days of fighting, Italy can finally declare themselves champions again! StarCraft 2 Ricardo “Rainer” is Romiti’s best miracle He is officially the IEM Champion (Intel Extreme Master) d Katowice del 2021. Thus it is First South Korean non-champion To get a big hit in the last 11 editions. With a fight in the last prototype, Rainer’s jerk actually divided the opponent Justin’s defenses. There was nothing that could be done against our champion Ricardo, the Korean champion, who beat Katowice to a 4-2 victory over Starcroft 2.

After a group stage that saw him come out in second place, the path to the final was won one after the other. The Blizzard title event has been confirmed together again Our boot athletes. With this huge success, it confirms that we Italians have something more to say about StarCraft 2 and that the rest of the world will have to do more from now on. Be careful to access the reindeer. His trusted Shrews won the total prize money of approximately, 000 65,000, which merged with joy in his eyes when he won the competition.

Congratulations came immediately from the entire StarCraft 2 community and beyond. In e-sports we Italians have a lot more to say Of course Ricardo will elevate our tricolor for many years to come.

After being “crowned” as this year’s Export Athlete, his promises are to play at higher levels again and become even stronger, and we hope that all of these have been fulfilled and that he has certainly crowned one of his biggest dreams with this win. . So we have to Congratulations to our Rainer In his career, he hopes to see this type of event again soon.

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