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Star Wars The Old Republic - For its 10th anniversary, Star Wars The Old Republic outlines its update to 7.0, Legacy of the Sith

Star Wars The Old Republic – For its 10th anniversary, Star Wars The Old Republic outlines its update to 7.0, Legacy of the Sith

Star Wars Old Republic Officially launched in December 2011. Completing the tenth year MMORPG To indicate attitude and event, Bioware Making a new big update Link 7.0, Legacy சித்தின். Author Electronic Arts Broad outline through news release and precision about what awaits us soon.

Update 7.0 The legacy of Siddhant In short

The next update is called Legacy of the Sith and continues the story of Star Wars: The Old Republic. According to the publisher, Legacy of the Sid embeds ” Soldiers in a military campaign to capture a planet important to their faction in order to unravel the final plan of the Sid traitor Darth Malcolm .

L extension The legacy of Siddhant Darth will follow Malcolm and take the soldiers on an adventure to distant parts of the galaxy, including Manan’s aquatic planet. This will enhance the big update Condition Maximum 5 levels that players can reach, up to 80 levels. New challenges of size will be introduced Star Wars: The Old Republic, With new collaborative tasks such as a controversial area in a cemetery on a mountaintop on the isolated planet of Elomine and a function in the remains of the space research station.


The extension confirms new features and new content:

  • A new feature in the game: Fighting styles. In a news release, the developer mentions it. ” Combat styles allow players to fulfill their most intense Star Wars dreams by selecting a particular class story and combining it with the forces of other technology or power-using classes. ».
  • Higher quality of life options,
  • This expansion will mark the start of a 10 year celebration throughout 2022 and will include new content, events, updates and more.
  • We will return to the planet Manan following Dart Malcolm,
  • Five new levels to achieve Level 80,
  • New challenges and collaborative tasks, A new controversial area On the planet Elom,
  • A New function In the remnants of a space station,
  • Updated font creation system,
  • Updates on materials, equipment, classes, etc.
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To learn more about what the future holds for the old republic of Star Wars, the developer offers one Livestream. Appointment This Thursday July 1 at 9:00 pm (Paris time) On top of that chaîne Twitch de Star Wars: Old Republic. The group is in its tenth year and will be talking about the upcoming 7.0 expansion!