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Loreta Gagliardi. Foto Marcello Papagni

Star Wally Bissekli is back on the field, which is Serignola’s inner challenge

The second race of the season, the second meet in the Paladolmen rectangle. Live streaming is scheduled to start at 6.30pm on Saturday 27th February and start at 6.20pm on the club’s Facebook page. Michelangelo Magialetti Serie C will compete with the Ofantino team coached by Dominico Castellanetta, who is set to fight for the first positions of the tournament. Antonella preeclampsia And with strong doubts about the use of free at the Saturday meeting Elizabeth Dodisco Like the lateral young woman Emanuela Altamura. Reduced cycles are more motivating to do better Esther Holiday And comrades.

The nerofucsia (According to the colors officially selected by the management) Focia wants to follow the best debut of last February 13 and 3-0 in the Valley. The coaching staff have been working hard with the girls over the past two weeks to correct some of the physical ailments that appeared in the opening game, using the opportunity to postpone the match on the Geomal field (Recovery is scheduled for Wednesday, March 10 at 8 p.m.).

Confidence and moderate optimism refer to the environment Star Valley Bissekli The day before the confrontation under the web with the listed protesters, led by the organizer Claudia Romanasi. The director was previously on duty among the editors Loretta Cogliardi (2016-2017 at Vintage in Sericnola), Marica Chandel Romano And very young middle Electra compartella (Dano was in practice at the club last season).
The match between Star Valley Bissekli and volleyball Sericnola will be played behind closed doors, with access to a limited number of people within the facility. They will direct Guerrero and De Vanna.

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SERIES C, GROUP A – 3rd day

Dynamo Molpetta-Potenza
Geomal-Sportilia piscecli
Star Valley Bissekli-Sericnola


Sportilia piscecli, Power 6; Star Valley Bissekli*, Sericnola 3; Dynamo Molbetta 2; Geomal * 1; Corrado, Focia Valley0.
* Less than a game