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STALKER 2 delivers its messages and may propose mods |  Xbox One

STALKER 2 delivers its messages and may propose mods | Xbox One

Nowhere, Stalker 2 It surprised more than one player when it was released on the Xbox Games showcase in July. Above all, we know that this includes the Xbox Exclusive Xbox Game Boss Release day! Although the project is still a mystery, the developers are already there Sharing Two images in addition to the engine trailer and the announcement trailer will show what to expect.

Unreal Engine and Mods in STALKER 2?

This is a case in point Web light Zakhar Bocharov, head of press relations at GSC Game World, gave some details about Stalker 2. Apparently, he could not answer all the questions because he was subject to undisclosed agreements with Microsoft.

GSC originally wanted to build this package on the original engine, the X-ray engine. However, as the game was announced a long time ago, the developer decided to exploit the new machines thanks to the Unreal Engine. No details about the engine version are mentioned.

Although this is very rare on the console, GSC wants to bring mod support to the Xbox. The studio considers this a priority and can add mods as soon as the game is released.

Finally, Jagger Bocharov promises that STALKER 2 will be stable when it is released. There is nothing to celebrate, it should be a standard, not an achievement.

Game details!

The Press Relations Manager mentions the A-Life system, which is “very detailed and detailed”. Communications between factions, monsters, NPCs happen without even the player realizing it.

A-Life 2.0 performance is at a different level. We will pay close attention to it as its release approaches. This is a super cool system, it works well and will be something to show off.

The region’s open world will provide “a non-linear storyline with numerous branches and different outcomes”. The zone must live up to the history we live in. Finally, he mentions single player mode as the only major.

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We do not yet know the release date of STALKER 2. Anyway, it will be available as soon as it is launched Xbox Game Boss Xbox Series X | S and PC.