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Square-Enix Kingdom Announces Hearts 4!

Square-Enix Kingdom Announces Hearts 4!

Although all games with cloud technology have recently been available on the Nintendo Switch, Square-Enix announces today with a surprise with a great Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer!

The console has not yet been confirmed and the release date has not been announced. If the game is released on the Nintendo Switch, it could be in the cloud gaming technology as well.

In the trailer, Sora generates a successful revenue and previews its launch New epic storyline titled “The Lost Master Arch”. After watching Sora confront a giant enemy in a boss fight, The soldiers found the quartet, A large, sprawling city set in a beautiful, realistic world not seen in the Kingdom Hearts series. Fans will be delighted to see the arrival of Sora’s famous sidekicks Donald and Goofy. The first appearance of StrelitziaA mysterious new character who appears before Sora in this strange new setting. We are pleased to announce the 20th anniversary of the series by announcing two new Kingdom Hearts titles, ”said Ichiro Hasama, Kingdom Hearts Brand Manager in a statement. “We want to thank the fans for their support over the years and can’t wait until they enjoy everything that awaits Sora. ⁇

Walt Disney Games Director Nana Gott added:

Sora is a kind of Disney video game hero loved by our team and fans around the world. We are proud to have worked with Tetsuya Nomura and her team for over two decades to present original stories of innovation, courage and friendship. This preview of Sora’s next adventure is just beginning, and we can not wait to see more when the time comes. “.

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