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Suspend Spotify users

Spotify suspends users for “mis-downloading” songs – Marseille News

Photo credit: Imtiaz Ali

Spotify suspends users who use a third-party tool to create copies of streaming music.

Spotify calls copies of tracks “downloaded incorrectly”. This is because Spotify Premium members can record music locally, but only play that music on the Spotify app. Streaming music copies created using a third-party tool can be played in any application, basically creating a personal copy of the streaming song.

The software tool gives users the ability to stream and record content from SpotFi, Amazon Music, Teaser, Tidal and SoundCloud. It captures audio streams, cuts them into individual channels, and then saves them as a .mp3 file on the local device. Users of the software now report that their Spotify accounts have been blocked.

As mentioned by TorrentFreak, users have started posting in the company’s official forum. Spotify’s email informs them that they are suspending users’ accounts.

The email states, “Spotify has determined that your account may be involved in improper use of the Spotify service in violation of the Terms of Service, including inappropriate downloads.” Spotify can identify when and how its users can access its audio content. As a result, they are able to determine when users are using the service based on its quick update rates.

Explains that it allows third-party developers to play Spotify music faster, so the recording process is faster and more successful. But this data allows Spotify to abbreviate users with 50 minutes of listening time to five minutes. This is a clear indication that users are streaming music to create inappropriate copies.

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Some users have reported that they can block their account by contacting Spotify. Defines copying, redistribution, reproduction, tearing, recording, exchange or broadcasting of the Spotify service as prohibited and in violation of the Terms of Use If Spotify can prove that its users have done these things, it may suspend access to their account.

These third-party services claim that their technology does not transcend track-tracking DRMs, but that is questionable. Songs downloaded by the Spotify app can only be played on the Spotify app – a form of DRM. The songs created by this software can be copied to local music by Spotify DRM. While this service targets other music streaming services, Spotify only allows users to download streams of their own music.