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Splinter takes charge after cell remake, Luca Ward announcement -

Splinter takes charge after cell remake, Luca Ward announcement –

Splinter Cell Remake Is officially at work Luca Ward He took the news with great interest, charged on his Facebook page and certainly aimed to re-interpret the character of the protagonist Sam Fisher.

Announced with the trailer, the Splinter Cell remake is in the early stages of development at Ubisoft Toronto, which means it will take even more long time Before watching the game in stores, PC, PS5, Xbox Series X | Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of S and Google Stadia.

“Splinter Cell Remake Official!” The actor wrote. “A few hours ago, Ubisoft announced that the iconic first episode of the Sam Fisher story would be back, remade from the ground up for next-generation consoles. How excited are you for this news?”

In the comments to his post, Ward pointed out that he plans to give voice again to the protagonist of the game. Sam Fisher, One of the finest images of the video game Panorama and a character most closely associated with the Austrian artist.

At this point, one can only imagine that the new chapter in the Splinter Cell, confirmed by Luca Ward at last year’s UltraPop, was announced by Ubisoft Toronto. Successful leak a year ago: Our congratulations to Luca!

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