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Splinter Cell Remake Announced With A Trailer -

Splinter Cell Remake Announced With A Trailer –

There is Ubisoft Announced Splinter Cell Remake With one Trailer. It is a remake of the first episode of the series with new generation graphics. The development of the project was entrusted to Ubisoft Toronto, in collaboration with other teams within the company. Promise that this is the title with the next generation gameplay and graphics. We are talking about remakes in particular, not about remasters, so the project can go in unexpected directions.

The film especially talks about a project that recently got the green light, i.e. the publisher decided to fund it. So don’t expect big news in the short term because it will still be in pre-production. The video itself contains Interviews Talks to developers about the original game and what it represents for Ubisoft. Among the signs for the remake, it stands out for single players like Linear and Original, so there are no OpenWire or Multiplayer Drifts.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell was released exclusively on the Xbox in 2002. Acclaimed as one of the best piracy games of the time, it produced six major episodes and a series of several ports, spin-offs and novels. There has been a lot of talk recently about withdrawals Sam Fisher, The full star of the Splinter cell that appeared on other Ubisoft titles and is in the Netflix series. However, finally, with the Splinter Cell remake it can get the glory it deserves, and we hope it can revive the franchise.