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Speaking of: What are you playing this weekend?  (October 31)

Speaking of: What are you playing this weekend? (October 31)

Another week that occurred in 2020AD, and Nintendo dropped an amazing Direct Mini for all of us, the games are growing unexpectedly in Ishapur, including the cloud versions coming from the West, and a key forerunner has taken Nintendo’s switch strategy as a weird one.

Even though the weekend is upon us now, it is time to discuss our weekend sports plans. Nintendo Life members have made it below, and we would like you to join us through our poll and comment sections. Enjoy!

John Cartwright, video producer

I find it hard to even decide what to play after the Mini Direct drops a truck load Part-time UFO Has been attracting my attention. I missed the initial mobile release, but HAL’s mess is incredibly cute and addictive – and it contains QBBY (from Boxboy!) Is hidden in most positions, i.e. it should be fine. It takes me back to simplicity Goo World But with rapid speed and happy vibration.

I will come back for a review No more heroes And No Heroes 2 By the end of the year but for now, I’m actually going back a little more. I was a bit Puyo Puyo Kick in anticipation Pyo Pyo Tetris 2 And ordered Puyo Puyo2 Saturn and Puyo Puyo Sun64. I do not have a great history with compile games, so I hope you will give me a history lesson by combining these two.

P.J. O’Reilly, Critic

Hello. This weekend I’m going to get caught up in the review stuff I included Sniper Elite 4, A game I really liked when it was first released, and Baguio: Champions of Vestroya, It feels Pokemon so far: let’s go, so keep an eye on those thoughts soon. I will set aside some time for some Halloween horror-flavored Shenanigans Little Nightmares And Layers of fear, I haven’t played two games on my own since they first came out. Here I hope they scare my pants, pants and socks off my body! Have a scary weekend with anything you play and be safe there.

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