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Nintendo: It's time for traditional directors to end

Nintendo: It’s time for traditional directors to end

Nintendo Direct is a beloved tradition, but it is time to make the best use of this brand for the benefit of the switch community.

October Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase was packed with exciting announcements and updates, drawing a bright future for second- and third-party development on the Nintendo Switch. From Bold Default II To No more heroes To Hitman, A lot of real awesome information was shared.

However, this is information buried in a traditional Nintendo Direct, which mixes first-party and third-party details together. This is not going to be an issue in 2020 as Nintendo is splitting up into more focused events like the Partner Showcase. So while some may be wondering when Nintendo will return to its traditional form, it may be time to give it up altogether.

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Spotlight brings third-party switch games

Abandoning the traditional direct would be a big change. Directs became synonymous with Nintendo, first airing in 2011. The format of the Nintendo Direct has evolved over time and with each subsequent showcase, fans have become more connected to the events. Nintendo live speculation and rumors are their own cottage industry, which creates a cycle of constant anticipation and exaggeration that will be equally large and durable. It even earned, because Nintendo Directs is known and reveals that it has absolutely the best trailers.

At the same time, Nintendo Directs often harms their own announcements. Nintendo platforms have always been dominated and defined by first-party software. Like this, directors who watch fans to see what Nintendo does. It gets all eyes on the company’s games, but it also leads to fans showing off non-Nintendo software fillers. This is a disappointing event, but one that is entirely expected given the exaggerated culture surrounding Nintendo’s titles.

The best solution is to simply separate the Nintendo titles from third-party titles in order to set expectations. The biggest problem for directors is this: false expectations. Clearly refers to a direct as a partner display box or otherwise breaks the tension.

When viewers expect only third-party software, it is much easier for the viewer to consider each announcement more critically, without tapping their feet waiting for the next Nintendo release. The same principle applies to indie titles or first-party announcements in the Indie World Showcase. Tight scenes naturally make every announcement the most important. Nothing can hide like a 45 minute, quarterly direct.

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Continuation of information and communication

At the same time, the creation of smaller Directs leads to more presentations overall, and that amount helps to offset Nintendo’s drought issues. Just as Nintendo was unable to meet expectations, the company was unable to communicate consistently. Historically, fans have been waiting for even the tiniest news between quarterly live presentations. It is an inefficient strategy to go with radio silence for several months before getting a news block by a direct.

To get more excited and engage the Nintendo audience, more consistent presentations are essential. By breaking a traditional quarterly direct into smaller events, this problem is solved. By 2020, there will be a number of presentations between Partner Showcases, Indie Worlds and First-Party Broadcasting. If all of these were combined into four major directives, the community would have passed many notice dry letters.

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Although 2020 has proven worthy of splitting content into smaller expressions, these are flawless. Many manifestations of 2020 are surprises, and they have become harder to manage.

The best thing that Traditional Directs has ever done for them is to guess. The community can expect directs in January, March, June and September. Although this leads to an information drought, it allows fans to expect news instead of looking at it blindly. I have to say something for the fun factor of raising a direct on Twitter, but there are a lot of merits in giving a few days notice.

If Nintendo can send the best telegram when it comes to these little showcases, they are the best way forward. By setting expectations and continuously delivering messages, these scenes allow the community to speculate and inspire in a more controlled way. Nintendo finds it difficult to control its descriptions and communicate information. Eliminating large direct currents in favor of more focused presentations is an excellent first step in correcting this and further balancing the ecosystem.

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