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Post-apocalyptic strategy to escape the consequences comes to Nintendo Switch

Paradoxical Integration and Iceflake have announced that the apocalyptic strategy following the Nintendo Switch will come to the Nintendo Switch in the spring of 2021 with the previously announced PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox versions.


The initial access version of Surviving the Aftermath is currently available on PC (Steam and Epic Game Store) and Xbox One.

“Players have been asking for Nintendo Switch support since we introduced the game at PDXCON last year., ”Said Los Liljedal, the sports director in the aftermath. “ True to our word, we listened to the player’s comments and worked hard to improve the game for Nintendo. Extending the switch makes it more accessible to our community to escape the aftermath and allows players to enjoy the game wherever they are.

In order to escape the aftermath, you must survive into the future apocalyptic world and lead mankind to prosperity. Resources are catastrophic, but after the end of the world you start practicing anew, which means you have many opportunities: that is, you can build structures in your colony for a variety of purposes, including agriculture and research, as well as hire almost a hundred individual experts in various fields.

There are six types of practically created worlds in the game. The topography of each of them directly affects how you build the colony. It is important to remember that every decision has consequences, and your reputation in other settlements affects business relationships.