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Speaking of, the conservative social network, will reappear

Speaking of, the conservative social network, will reappear

The social networking parlor celebrates its return online after a month. The company now relies “A Sustainable and Independent Technology” It no longer relies on “Big Tech” to ensure its operational management. New parlor site “Open to Americans of All Lines”, Underlines the social network in a press release. The company has successfully restored 20 million user accounts, but not their contents.

After the attack on Capitol Hill, Google fired Apple and its host AWS. Based on the high number of hate calls and the moderate shortage. The domain is now hosted by Epic, which is known for registering many right-wing domains.

The ban also led to the downfall of CEO John Mats. It’s time to invent something new, and now Mark McLaren is accepting this role in the interim. The political roots of the latter are clear: he founded the Tea Party Patriots, which are part of the radical Conservative Tea Party movement.

However, the parlor is not yet available in the Apple App Store and Google Play app stores. So Android smartphone users are invited to download the mobile app directly from the website. However, there is no solution for iPhone or iPod users.

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