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De la science-fiction à l'élaboration du projet, une usine dans l'espace se profile à l'horizon 2023. © 3000ad, Adobe Stock

SpaceX will take the first factory into space

Setting up factories in space is not the will of millionaires who have been cut off from reality, even projects that are being developed and gradually implemented. Like Blue Origin boss Jeff Bezos, who wants to send polluting businesses into space, space research firm Wardha Space wants to be the first to build a factory in space with SpaceX, with its first “space carpooling” taking place in early 2023.

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An industrial factory in space? The Wardha space program may seem far-sighted – there is no shortage of space on Earth to design factories – but it can advance businesses on Earth.

Warda’s interest is to use microgravity to produce new objects or to develop the International Space Station’s research on specific products. For example, according to TechCrunch, we can produce bio-printed elements or Semiconductors Even if nothing is disclosed for now, as the contract with a customer has not been signed.

To travel, Wardha Space must find partners to travel in low Earth orbit. And that’s it SpaceX Coming into effect. The latter provides companies that want to send objects into space to take advantage of one of its planned flights. Basically, the two companies undertake space travel together. Once they reach their goal, they become individually busy. In short, a kind of “spatial carpooling”. Slightly different from your Sunday trip between Anger and Paris …

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Wardha Space has announced that it wants to move its factory to A Falcon 9, Property SpaceX, At the beginning of 2023. The Initiators Carries the materials needed to set up the plant in space from SpaceX. If companies do not disclose any term of the contract, we know that the machine will spend about three months in orbit to test these new production technologies.

Landing, the most important moment of the mission

However, another boot option was explored Electron rockets From Rocket Laboratory. But Warda Space does not want to put all their eggs in one basket because the New Zealand company will accommodate the spacecraft and take care of the return capsule to Earth. The most important capsule since the returnAtmosphere Carries out on Mac 28 and materials should not be broken Landing.

In fact, the most critical moment from production to recovery is the moment of re-entry into the atmosphere. Mac 28 represents 28 times the speed of sound (1.224 km / h). Remember the science fiction pictures we see of a capsule returning to Earth. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. This will undoubtedly be one of the most important moments of the mission.

Unlike other spacecraft that specialize in communication or imaging, Wardha Space and its Space factory The mission does not require a specific orbit. Enough if he stays Low earth orbit. Lessons learned during this first flight may allow others to carry on. Warda Space hopes to be able to launch in a second or a third by the end of 2024.

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The date for other projects to see the light of day is still a long way off. For example, we know that the EU is working on a “period” plan to create an orbital factory. It will work with Airbus to focus on building and building satellites directly from space. However, these ambitious projects give us an insight into the new perspectives for manufacturers and entrepreneurs of all lines.

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