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Space, one disaster after another.  "Millions of worlds and stars are swallowed up in this way" - Libero Cottidiano

Space, one disaster after another. “Millions of worlds and stars are swallowed up in this way” – Libero Cottidiano

Images collected by Loafer radio telescope, Low frequency array, network of thousands of antennas distributed throughout Europe. Thanks to them we can now read about the evolution of distant galaxies and, in particular, the role Very large black holes In their training. Reports Courier della sera We now pay close attention to the dark side of the universe Disasters follow each other.

You see very large black holes in the center of the heart Galaxy-children And purpose Swallows millions of stars. While they reduce the whole world to junk food, they propagate thousands of light years at the poles, in the form of numerous independent jets.

Hercules A is a galaxy about 2 billion light-years from Earth. It looks like ours, “but when you use radio waves it’s much bigger than us and above all its center is occupied by a huge black hole. Milky Way Hides in his deepest heart Sagittarius-A, a black hole 4 million times heavier Only “. A mass is certainly monstrous, but it has a mass of 2.5 billion solar masses compared to the black hole at the center of Hercules A. The high-resolution images collected by Lofar allow us to accurately understand the dynamics of these phenomena that played a fundamental role in the formation of the first galaxies.

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