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SOS I have more loyalty cards

SOS I have more loyalty cards

The Loyalty cards A great way to save money every day. So, we tend to accumulate our money quickly until they are occupied by them. L ‘Loyalty card usage So the solution.

How to download loyalty cards?

To Download Loyalty Cards, Nothing complicated! In Fidme, Fidall or Stocard mobile apps, you can collect all your loyalty cards under your personal account by taking a photo of their barcode or entering their number. Conclusion: You save space in your wallet and there is no risk of losing them.

Why Dematerialize Your Loyalty Cards?

We are Dematerializes its loyalty cards Because it’s convenient! Already, because we always have them on hand (even if we change our phone, we can still see our benefits). But because these apps offer virtual lists of brands (from Little to Dorty, via Monop and Achan …) and numerous exclusive discounts. If you enable geolocation, they will also warn you about current ads in the partner stores you pass by.

What is the use of storing your receipts?

You accumulate Receipts Need to do your accounts at the end of the month? Fidme is an application that can store your receipts as well. It is also best when they act as a guarantee or when you have to keep them when exchanging or withdrawing goods.