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Xbox Game Boss: Assassin's Creed Origins Available June 7!  |  Xbox One

Xbox Game Boss: Assassin’s Creed Origins Available June 7! | Xbox One

Although this month’s Xbox Game Pass games have been expanded with some new titles, today we have confirmed that two Ubisoft games will be subscribed next month. As usual, do not hesitate to look at the list Upcoming Xbox Game Boss Games It is constantly updated.

Ubisoft games continue on the Xbox Game Pass

The first landing will be released on June 1, 2022, which is actually a Marching Fire extension For respect. This tactical fighting game was released in 2017 and entered the Xbox Game Boss list in June 2021 a year ago. So a year later the version of For Honor Marching Fire will be available to subscribers. . So this version includes an extension of the same name as Cam +, which, among other things, offers 4 new heroes (Tiandi, Shaolin, Jiang Jun and Nuxia) and arcade mode in PvE.

The second Ubisoft game Origin of Assassin’s Creed It will also be released on June 7, 2022 on the Xbox Game Pass. This is the first game of the right to join the game pass, and is the best gateway to find it if you have not already done so. Last December, we learned that the game was coming soon Can play at 60 frames per secondThis may happen on this occasion or early next week.

These two new games in Game Pass are not surprising because Ubisoft had already warned us Last month. Dates are set now and other topics will definitely come in the future. We look forward to the arrival of the Ubisoft + Table on Xbox, which of course will not be integrated into GamePass at no extra cost with an additional subscription.

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