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Le hors-série Tourisme 2022 de Moto Magazine est en (...)

Moto Magazine’s Travel 2022 special issue is in the newsstands

Travel 2022 Special Release: Summary

Travel 2022 Special Release: Be well prepared to travel on a motorcycle

To face the variations of the weather or to protect yourself from the waterfalls, you need to have the perfect comfort to ride a motorcycle! In this file, the latest helmets, jackets, pants, gloves and accessories for the adventure are tried and described in detail.

Travel 2022 Special Issue: Aveyron and its most beautiful villages

Do you know the label of the association of the same name, “the most beautiful villages in France”? Avron is one of the few fields that gets so much attention! To locate the 10 classified villages in the area, the 500km itinerary is divided into 4 stages and identified as suitable roads for motorcycling.

Travel 2022 Special Magazine: From Dorn Valley to Sevens Corniche

The original angle for finding relief in the Dorn area and the Sevens: We followed young people between the ages of 16 and 20 on a motorcycle road trip. In their small 50s and 125s handles, they show off beautiful regional locations by showcasing their high level of resourcefulness. Fantastic travel diary!

Travel 2022 Special Release: Opal Coast and Som Bay

Aquatic hikers prefer to wear “long-coat”, their clothes, and cool water up to the waist. We followed their itinerary … on a motorcycle! Certainly not on the water, but close enough to enjoy the beautiful roads and landscapes of Opal Beach and Som Bay.

Travel 2022 Special Release: Across France

Depart from Menton and set up a route to reach Pointe du Raz in Britain. Ambition? Go through its small roads at both ends of France and at each stage, discover the best culinary specialties of the regions that have passed.

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Travel 2022 Special Magazine: Pittsburgh’s Langudok Tour

Ptiluk, an Emeritus designer, makes us discover his secret ways. Not just anywhere, but because it’s in Langkawi – an area he’s familiar with – where his favorite motorcycle lanes are located.

Travel 2022 Special Issue: Corsica, Beauty Island

Ah Corsica … one of the favorite places of bike riders. Our guide will take you on 800 km of winding roads on this beautiful island.

Travel 2022 Special Issue: Codentin, the peninsula at the end of the world

Last year, we traveled to Ness de Jaberk via Des Caps. We promised to return there to extend the invention to Mont-Saint-Michael. It ended up being the place to continue our adventure in this wonderful area of ​​Kodentin.

Travel 2022 Special Issue: Reunion Island

Tired of metropolitan France? Follow us to Bikers’ Paradise Reunion Island! Amazing landscapes, an exotic climate, beautiful winding roads … inspire yourself!

Travel 2022 Special Release: Motomac Levels

Available at, our collection of Moto Magazine levels compares to staying and eating at over sixty biker companies.