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Sony’s patent shows how to recreate your own room in a game –

Sony A recently registered one Patent Called “AI-generated internal environments based on external geometry”. The title does not give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about, but the explanation helps us to understand the possibility of recreating an external environment within a video game: the possibility that it is something related PlayStation VR2?

The patent speaks to “how to get a video game game kick request”: configured to take place within a game Virtual space This is similar to the actual environment required. “In other words, the Sony Patent talks about the possibility of creating a system in a video game that has the structure of a real space like a room or, according to the patent image, the entire building site.

Sony patented

This idea applies to one Developed truth Without cables, it allows you to move freely into a room. A video game, based on external data, can create as large an environment as it has at our disposal, so we can ask to go into it without the risk of colliding with objects in our room. So, is the patent integrated with the PlayStation VR2?

As always, we remind you that this is only a patent: most of them do not become real hardware / software, so this is an idea that leads to nothing. In the PlayStation area, we point out that Sony has also lost appeal in Brazil, and the console cannot be blocked.