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His amazing conversation with Alexandre Asterie about the Camelot film

His amazing conversation with Alexandre Asterie about the Camelot film

A petition has been circulating for several days proposing that Thomas Pesket, a big fan of Camelot, may have preview access to the film adapted from the series.

April 23, Thomas Baskett took off in a SpaceX company capsule, Along with three other astronauts, went to the International Space Station (ISS). For this mission, which will last 6 months, Thomas Baskett will play a key role because the French astronaut will become the captain of the International Space Station for the first time in the fall. Shortly before he went into space, His wife Anne Mottet shared a photo that touched him. He also proved that he has no shortage of humor by posting a photo anywhere She “transformed” him into a wedding bed representing his life-size. For his part, Thomas Pesket shared interesting photos of Paris, Viewed from space. During a telecommunications press conference on April 30, He described the first days he was always exposed to the space station.

Thomas Baskett is a complete fan of Camelot

Between the two-hour missions, to kill the long-awaited, the astronaut had a box from his favorite series, Camelot. A big fan of Alexandre Aster’s work, Thomas Pesket can’t find an adaptation of the series that first aired on the M6 ​​between 2005 and 2009. In fact, Camelot – Part One Coming out in French cinemas on July 21, on that day, the astronaut will be in orbit millions of kilometers above the Earth and its cinemas. This is how caring internet users got started An online petition A copy of the film must be sent Thomas Baskett Thus he will be able to find feature film during his space journey. So far 10,000 signatures have been collected for this text: “Let’s make Camelot the first film with a spatial excerpt. I mean, the first viewer of the film, it will be Thomas Pesket. Some films are released exclusively in the United States or China … but he was not there. It was never the first ‘released’ film in space!”

Alexandre Aster greets Commander Basket

This May 5, Thomas Baskett responded to this request with a message, indicating that something was brewing: “No worries, I talked to the king before I left and he prepared something for me. It will help me when I get heavier during this space search. Thank you Sir Alexandre Aster.” An interesting tweet, this Creator Camelot Quickly responded: “It’s an honor, Commander. If they miss the pioneer plate and the Golden Record, the alien intellectuals ‘patience is a meal to be cooked in advance.’ This will keep them busy for a while … Congratulations Brother Earth. “ A dialogue throughout the space, filled with knots for the series, delighted the fans Camelot And signatories to the petition. To Terrans, Camelot – Part One So it will hit theaters on July 21st. The story of the film, which is kept secret, takes place ten years after the events described in the series. In acting, withAlexandre Aster, We will see in particular Alain Sabbath, Antoine de Guns, Christian Clavier And Guillo Gallian.