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Sony's Jim Ryan explains why he was fired

Sony’s Jim Ryan explains why he was fired

In an interview with Axios, the boss of SIE, Jim Ryan, The pin returned to the question Cyberpunk 2077 has been removed from the PS Store Explain the reasons and provide an update, albeit indirectly Reasons not to return PS4 and PS5 digital store gameplay.

‘S top management level Sony Interactive Entertainment Underlines that CP2077 starts from the memory of the day it was removed from the PlayStation Store “It was a tough decision for us, but in the end we had to work for the good of the PlayStation community.”.

Not to mention I did Major Issues of Cyberbunk 2077 They destroyed the boot (especially Console Last Gen PS4 and Xbox One), a layer of Japanese technology companies explains it “We know we do not want to sell a game that could be a bad experience for our players.”. In light of these reports, the return of Cyberbank 2077 to the PS Store will only happen when Sony believes that RPG will no longer provide the CD project science fiction “A bad experience” Absolutely for PlayStation users, so those who want to use it on PS4.

C.D. Further parts of the project It has already been revealed that in recent weeks, they have started contacting Sony and are committed to promoting it. Cyberbank is back in the PS Store Coming soon, thanks for the planned updates Roadmap 2021 Draw DLC Patch and Update NextGen.