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Sony WH-CH510 Bluetooth Headset Test: Cheap and Durable

Sony WH-CH510 Bluetooth Headset Test: Cheap and Durable

The WH-CH510 provides minimal functionality and connectivity. Mini-jack entry point, no multipoint Bluetooth connection, and less configuration usage: The headset is intended for wireless use only with one device at a time (Bluetooth 5.0, SBC codecs and AAC). Connection is automatic when the device is turned on, but it can be forced by pressing the main button for seven seconds. The wireless connection became completely stable during our testing period.

The WH-CH510 is not very generous with these first two points, but it compensates with a handling that is simple and intuitive. The machine buttons located on the edge of the right ear cup allow you to provide complete controls (call management, volume control, play / pause and navigation between tracks). They are easily accessible using the thumb of the right hand and have keys to distinguish them by touching.

Like most headsets and headphones from Sony, the user is guided by voice triggers (in English only), which are heard each time it is switched on, thus allowing the headphones to know the connection status and more than the remaining battery level. This is still a rare feature in headsets and earphones, but it becomes necessary as soon as you taste it.

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