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USB storage and cross-gen share play

USB storage and cross-gen share play

Sony announced New PlayStation 5 firmware update, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation App will be available for download starting tomorrow. Many new features are coming, especially for owners of the next gen console.

For starters, users can take advantage of it New storage and memory management options: “Thanks to this feature you can now Transfer PS5 games from the console’s internal storage to USB extended storage. This is the perfect way to expand the storage capacity of your PS5 console, and when you are ready to play, you can copy your PS5 games back to the console’s internal storage. Reinstalling PS5 games from USB Extended Storage is faster than re-downloading or copying from disk.

Titles because it allows the PS5’s SSD to load games faster PS5 They cannot be run directly from USB extended storage memory. PS5 games cannot be downloaded directly to USB extended storage. However, games that have been transferred or copied to internal storage will be automatically updated as soon as possible. Additionally, you can choose the gameplay you want to install (for example, campaign or multiplayer) for selected topics. “.

Introduced Share-cross-gen, Thanks “PS4 and PS5 players can now use SharePlay when chatting at parties. This means that PS5 console users can allow their PS4 console friends to view their game screen or try PS5 games via SharePlay and no other option.”.

Among other new features, the console’s basic menu has been improved Easy to access content and features; Possibility added Disable chat and adjust player size; Introduced Pre-download feature for updates (Option you need to check in settings); New ways to customize the game collection; Zoom to screen; Introduced new options related to file statistics screen. For all other details, please see The official post was posted on the PlayStation blog.

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