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Cristiano Ronaldo Allegri downloaded it, revealing the Republican background

Massimiliano Allegri is said to have beaten Cristiano Ronaldo in his last year at Juventus. Republica reveals a tumultuous background with President Agnelli

Cristiano Ronaldo Allegri

In the last few hours Republic Reported incredible background related to this Cristiano Ronaldo e Massimiliano Allegri. The facts are that the Tuscan coach last year headed the bench Juventus, The first show of the 2018/19 season CR7 In black and white.

At the end of that year, The You Won the eighth consecutive Scudetto and the Portuguese champion finished fourth in the high scores A league With 21 goals. In ChampionsInstead, the most difficult dismissal came with surprise Ajax of De Lict e De Zhang, Which showed the first signs of a group’s failure. In fact, in the summer, the division between Juventus Club and Max became official Happiness, Which led to the arrival of Maricio Mostly As a technical guide.

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Background of the advice given by Alegre to Agnelli against Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Allegri
Cristiano Ronaldo Allegri

After about 2 years, the situation at home You Has gotten worse. Scudeto, who won last year, did not trust the president Agnelli To confirm Mostly And inside Champions Deleting with Leon There is still a scar that is hard to cure. This year has come Birlow, Can’t even win the tenth championship in a row, or win the Champions League. Porto.

Failure to lead the rumors in the same direction: that Return to Allegri, Continued Criticism of Cristiano Ronaldo, Arrived in the last year of his contract with Bianconeri. You can count on the parties at the end of this season, especially if he comes back Happiness. According to information coming from RepublicIn fact, before his farewell, the Tuscan coach had spoken with the president Agnelli, Advising him.

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Liberty in Ronaldo, Hinders team and community development “, Would have warned the coach. A recommendation that Juventus did not take the boss, instead invested in the Golden Ball 5 times, did not get much benefit based on the results. Happiness Is what he did right? If the reports are confirmed, the facts say he did not go far from reality. The future is still uncertain now, and it will be until then Birlow e CR7 To end a complex season with dignity.