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PlayStation 5 OVP

Sony plans to launch the PlayStation 5 in Europe soon

Sony did an under Investor presentation Specific details about the planned release of PlayStation Direct in Europe. Accordingly, the company intends to offer its online store for direct sale of hardware including the PlayStation 5 in Europe this year. In addition to the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Great Britain and Ireland, Germany has also been cited as a target country.

Hardware is not currently available directly from Sony in Germany and many European countries. Instead, customers should turn to retailers as intermediaries.

Since the release of the PlayStation 5, empty sales shelves have dominated the film here and internationally. According to Sony, the main reason for this is the persistent shortage of semiconductor products. The Japanese electronics company does not expect the situation to improve significantly in the next few months. With one Relaxation will not begin until the beginning of the third quarter of 2021, but by the beginning of 2022 Counted below. But even here Sony chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki already warns that the demand cannot be fully met.

It remains to be seen whether the launch of Sony’s direct sales platform in this country and other parts of Europe will help reduce the PlayStation 5 shortage.

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