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Sony may change the design to address the lack of components

Sony may change the design to address the lack of components

Although PS5 has reached 7.8 million units distributed, The problem of stock shortage is very definite and difficult to solve in short term. A situation that continues to create difficulty around the world.

Lack of availability Semiconductors They make up the console, as well as the lack of additional components, preventing even more durable production, unable to find the latest console with multiple players Sony Body and online stores. Hiroki TotokiSony’s CFO did not expect the stock deficit issue to be resolved this year The PS5 sells faster than the PS4 Production has increased slightly in the last three months, with 3.3 million units sold.

However, according to Totoki, there may be a solution to the situation: the CFO suggests the possibility of finding alternatives by using secondary resources to prevent semiconductor shortages, if necessary. Also change the design of the console. One point, the latter, however, was not investigated by Totoki, which could now only be his personal idea. At this point, Sony has never indicated that it wants to change the controversial design of their latest entertainment system, and has certainly not reported any change in the short term. But if regretting the interior and exterior design of the console can be the only solution to meet the high demand, the possibility of following this path is not necessarily ruled out.

Of course there are big plans for the future of the site: Sony will invest heavily in first-party and external collaborations for the PS5, In order to make it increasingly unavoidable. Stock clearance.

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